Steel fabrication, crank beams, reinforcing bars and more
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In our work, our main objective is to deliver reliable services, leaving all our consumers satisfied and happy to work with us again. Regardless of whether you’re looking for crank beams, rebars (AKA steel reinforcing bars), or steel fabrication services, with Quality Steel, you can be sure you’re getting the best level of service. Through effective quality control we aim to provide you with products that meet all of your requirements, which helps us constantly improve the quality of our work.

We have a long-time collaboration with our material providers, which is very important to us. We know we can trust them to perform thorough quality checks, letting us assure you that you’ll receive a product of the highest quality, adhering to all British Standards. This allows us to offer some of the most reliable steel fabrication services in London, as well as being one of the best steel beam manufacturers in the area.

Quality Steel mainly deals with building constructions. We also manufacture archways, stairs, as well as mesh reinforcements. We provide the following services: welding, structural steel services, as well as steel material processing – cutting, drilling, welding, and coating. Our main area of expertise is providing the construction industry with high quality steel. We can cut and bend any rebars in line with UK norms.

We possess a wide range of tools, as well as specialised, technical machinery, which allows us to provide you with the best service on the market.

Our tools include:

  • The Pegas 500x750 Horizontal X band saw, used for cutting steel elements between the sizes of 550mm and 750mm at any angle
  • Ironworker – Geka Hydracrop 55a, used to cut steel constructions like rebars, leads and brackets

Located in the Roman Industrial Estate, Croydon, South London, our services are easily accessible to all. Our services extend nationwide – wherever you are, we will help you.



A structural process of joining various metallic materials in high temperature used for many years, welding is one of the most basic services we have to offer.


For all your cutting needs, we offer various types of cutting, such as saw cutting and plasma cutting. Thanks to this variety, we can provide you with the services you need.


Creating holes in materials may seem like a tricky process. However, at Quality Steel, we possess the latest punching tools that allow us to provide you with perfect holes in material.


We possess the latest tools to fulfil all your drilling needs. No matter what type of whole you want drilled in your material, you can be sure the ones we drill for you will be perfect.


Crank beam

We offer a great selection of beams for your support needs. Our crank beams are among the best on the market and they are a perfect choice for all your roofs.


Reinforcing bars, or rebars, are used in concrete and reinforced masonry structure for strengthening and tension. At Quality Steel, we provide you with a selection of high quality rebars for all your tension needs.

Steel beam

A basic construction material, the steel beam is indispensable in the building world. Quality Steel provides you with the best steel beams available on the market.

Steel fabrication

For reliable steel-related products, you need reliable steel fabrication. Quality Steel is here to help you with just that.

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