Rebars – Steel Reinforcing Bar

At Quality Steel, we offer you nothing but steel products of the best quality. No matter what size your undertaking is, we can provide you with all the steel essentials. You won’t go far in constructing a steel structure without any kind of bars or beams to form the basis of your building. You need something to make up the backbone of your structure, and so we present to you our rebars.

Also known as reinforcing bars or reinforcement steel, these steel bars are a mesh of steel wires that are used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures. This helps strengthen the concrete by holding it in tension. Rebars have been around for a long time and you’d be hard-pressed to find a building standing today that doesn’t use reinforced bars as part of its structure. One of the most distinct features of rebars is their patterned surface. It allows them to bond with the concrete better than it would otherwise, making it the best way to strengthen concrete with minimal effort.

We can cut and bend your rebars to make them even more efficient and customised to your personal needs. Our rebars all fit within current UK diameter norms (BS8666:2005), ranging from 6 to 42 mm. We can bend all your rebars in all shapes contained within the BS8666:2005 norm. This allows us absolute precision at the designing stage, so you can be sure that your reinforced bars are designed to last from the very early stages of their creation. Thanks to the precision of our equipment, we can bend rebars into a large variety of shapes, allowing us to create rebars that can serve the exact purpose you need them to serve.
steel reinforcing bars construction

Maximum limit for which a preformed radius is required

Radius of bending:- maximum values requiring bending.
Bar Size 6 8 10 12 16 20 25 32 40
Radius (m) 2.5 2.75 3.5 4.25 7.5 14.0 30.0 43.0 58.0

our worker

Minimum scheduling radii, former diameters and bend allowances

Nominal size of bar mm Minimum radius for scheduling Minimum diameter of bending former General (min 5d straight), including links where bend ≥ 150° mm Links where bend ≤ 150° (min 10d straight) mm
6 12 24 110* 110*
8 16 32 115* 115*
10 20 40 120* 130
12 24 48 125* 160
16 32 64 130 210
20 70 140 190 290
25 87 175 240 365
32 112 224 305 465
40 140 280 380 580
50 175 350 475 725

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