Types of rebars

Stack of reinforcing bars

Reinforcing steel bars – or rebars, as they’re commonly referred to – are one of the main pillars of construction, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Without them, most structures would simply crumble to dust. It is most commonly used to help concrete withstand tension forces. Concrete may, by nature, be strong enough to resist compression forces, but the tension it undergoes may occasionally cause it to crack – which is why rebars are used. They have been implemented in 1968 and have been used for construction purposes ever since, both for building construction as well as parts of the highway pavement and segmented bridges.

Reinforcing steel bares are usually hot-rolled, using different steel materials. Usually, steel debris or railroad rails are used to roll them, but sometimes new steel billets are used to roll them from scratch. Steel bars can also be graded based on their reinforcing strength. For example, lower strength reinforcing bars will only possess three marks, while high strength bars use a continuous line system to show steel grade.

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