At Quality Steel, we offer a full range of steel processing services. Aside from welding, we can provide you with many more types of processing, such as coating. Using the latest coating technology, we are able to provide you with the most thorough coating available on the market. Our experienced staff takes great care with the maintenance and utilisation of our machinery, so that everything runs smoothly at every moment.

The term “coating” refers to the process of applying a substrate to the surface of an object. This serves a variety of purposes – it may be decorative, adding aesthetic details to the object, as well as functional, as certain substrates possess protective properties that help better conserve the object. The amount of the coating may vary – it can be an all-over coating that completely covers the surface of the objects, or it can be used only to covers specific segments.

Among the many benefits our steel coating services carry are the following:

  • Protection against rust, oxidation and corrosion
  • Minimisation of friction
  • Protection from chemicals
  • Easier assembly and disassembly
  • Simplification of the cleanup process with non-stick properties

Our metal coatings are durable, reliable and very cost-effective. With very little cost, you can help protect your steel from a multitude of dangers, allowing it to serve reliably for a long time.

Our experienced team will help you choose just the right coating for your needs. By choosing the appropriate type of coating, we can help lower the cost of maintenance of your machinery, as well as enhance its performance, letting you save more money while being even more efficient than before. With the proper coating, you can use less expensive metals for your equipment, as the coating will help strengthen them, letting you perform even better with a lower cost.

Contact us now to find out what type of coating is for you. We guarantee that you’ll be left satisfied with our work.

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You can trust us to maintain a steady quality of our services. We are known for our sheer refusal to cut corners – you can rest assured that the steel used for your structure will be of the finest quality. Special care, time, and effort will be taken during the manufacturing process, to ensure that nothing gets lost or overlooked along the way.

We also offer a number of services to help facilitate the process of obtaining your steel structure. We provide containers and pallets that can be used to transport any components. Additionally, our tech support is always available at your leisure, so that in the rare case that you encounter any problems, they can be addressed directly and immediately.

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